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Personalized Treatment Guide

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Pushing Medicine Forward

Thanks to breakthroughs in medical research, people treated for cancer are living longer than ever. At The Breast Center at Montefiore Nyack Hospital, researchers conduct clinical trials to identify new ways to prevent, detect or treat breast cancer. They also look for ways to improve patients’ quality of life. Researchers test new drugs, surgical procedures and devices, as well as new ways to use existing treatments, to answer questions about their safety, benefits and side effects.

If you participate in a clinical trial, you might receive a new treatment, and your quality of life and/or medical outcome might improve as a result. In a randomized clinical trial, your chance of receiving the experimental treatment is about 1 in 2 or possibly 2 in 3. If you don’t receive the treatment that’s being tested, you’ll receive today’s standard treatment. By participating in a clinical trial you’ll help improve the care of future patients.

Clinical trials have eligibility requirements, which may include your age, gender, the type and stage of cancer, other medical conditions and treatment history. If your doctor thinks you’re a good candidate, he or she will explain the study, what its benefits and risks are and possible side effects of the experimental treatment.

Current Trials

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